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JBL Mechanical Engineers have sold many thousands of  the DIPSTOP range of products over many years. Often the subject of TV news programmes DIPSTOP is highly effective and has always been manufactured to the highest quality standards.


JBL have over 20 years of engineering experience and have developed a wide range of fabrication and specialized engineering skills some of which are fast disappearing. We couple the most modern of techniques with the best of the past and have a wide range of heavy engineering equipment to support our customers needs.


Design and Development can be undertaken as we specialise in turning ideas into products that not only work but can be manufactured in a realistic way.


Engineering capabilities include, pressing, machining, welding, prototype development, machine restoration.


If you have a  project or engineering problem please contact John at:

JBL Mechanical Engineers Ltd, Greenfields, Stanton, Shrewsbury, SY4 4LR.

Telephone 01939 251351 or fax on 01939 251051

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